• HOW TO MEASURE BULLWHIP AND PART OF A BULLWHIP - Different style of whips are meausured in different ways. In this first YouTube video we start from the basis: We’ll talk about How to meausure the Bullwhip and Parts of Bullwhip. For this video i’ll use my trusty 10ft David Morgan ’88. The Red line is the part commonly included in the measurementof a bullwhip. […]
  • WHY DO I HAVE TO CHOOSE A KANGAROO LEATHER WHIP? - Is it better a Kangaroo leather whip or cow hide one? Undoubtedly Kangaroo leather is better. Kangaroo leather braided whips have better performances vs cow hide whips. This is due to kangaroo leather characteristics: it is strong, tensile, flexible and abrasion resistant. Due to these features kangaroo leather is strongly recommended to plait tightly and […]
  • NOTES OF AN ITALIAN WHIPMAKER - Welcome everyone to my new YouTube channel “Notes of an Italian Whipmaker”  the first Italian channel dedicated to the world of whips and whipmaking. I’ve always wanted to create a YouTube channel about whips and whipmaking, but a little different from to other whip channels already existing. The idea came thanks to you and your […]
  • How much does a leather kangaroo whip cost? - Just to give you an idea, the price of a kangaroo leather whip monochrome with a total length of 170cm (circa 6ft)  – plaited by a professional whipmaker – could be around €300 – €350. It goes without saying it doesn’t exist a fixed/ unique price! The cost changes in the light of what you […]