Changing Fall

The fall is one of the most used and stressed part of the whip

Despite you keep caring your whip, as time passes the fall will consume by shortening itself

You need to change the fall when it shorten at circa 40 cm length.

No panic! The very closing part of the fall is made to allow any whip owner to change it easily by pulling out the old fall and inserting the new one in only three steps.

In the following gallery you will see how easy is to change a fall (I did it over a whip belonging to my private collection):

Pic 1 – Whip with broken fall

  • Step 1: cut gently an eyelet on the very top part of the fall. Be aware not to cut the plaited strands of the whip.
  • Step 2: insert the new fall
  • Step 3: pull out the old fall and insert the point of the new one inside the hitch knots Pre-grease the new fall and pull it gradually*

with pincers till the top part of the new fall will be adjacent to the first hitch knot… the new fall is ready!

*For this operation do remember to put last closing strands in the fall head.

Happy cracking !!!

Giovanni Celeste