How to change the cracker of your signal whip

The signal whip has been traditionally designed with the nylon cracker plaited/embedded directly into the point of the whip and for this reason it isn’t easily replaceable.

Some whipmakers have modified the point of the signal whips by back-braiding a loop into the cracker to make the cracker easily removable by the whips owners themselves.

This is a good idea but according to my opinion the braided loop presents some limits. First of all because it alters the design of the whip but it also modifies the mechanics and the normal functionality of the whip.

You will notice that your signal whip will move better and is far more accurate than a signal whip with a loop.

So before sending your signal whip to the whipmaker for a cracker repair when the nylon plume is too small, with a very minor modification you can put a new nylon cracker in your signal whip in a few steps.

  • Here is a signal whip with a new cracker  not to easy to change because it is braided in.
  • When the nylon plume is too small  the first thing to do is cut off the fluffy part just at the knot point 
  • Melt the end of the nylon cracker to form a small ball with a lighter 
  • Put the old cracker through the eye of a new cracker  and tie a simple knot over the old cracker against the small ball

Congrats !!! you have just put a removable cracker on your signal whip


Let’s crack and be careful

Giovanni Celeste