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The best way to preserve and extend whip life is … using it!

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It’s important not to emulate strange behaviors like wrapping the whip on a branch and hanging on it (they are definitely fake usages coming from movies)

Please do keep in mind that whips are not toys! You need to use it carefully and with common sense to avoid hurting yourself and other peole

Here below you can find some tips how to preserve your whip:

  • Avoid direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat source otherwise your whip will dry and loose elasticity with the risk to break quickly.
  • Avoid direct, reiterated and hard shot over wet and scratchy surfaces.
  • These are the best location to crack your (leather) whip: gym, smooth and dry surface.
  • Prolonged friction can scratch the leather till the breaking. Sand and water can compromise whip elasticity and strength .
  • Before storing your whip do remember to wrap it following its own curve otherwise you can compromise the correct function.
  • Leather whip, according to all leather products, needs regular maintenance sessions (the frequency depends on the usage and climatic conditions).
  • If you don’t use it regularly you need to grease your whip every two months.
  • Please do remember grease the whip each time you use it (before and after the usage)

Here below some hints how to grease properly a whip:

  • Use leather specific grease and/or cream
  • Do not use oils otherwise the plaited areas of the whip will loosen
  • Do not grease the knots otherwise they can loosen and unknot
  • Falls and keepers (ie stockwhips) needs to be generously greased because they are heavily stressed and used

In the below reported pictures you will see where and where NOT grease the whip


Green arrow: PUT THE GREASE ON

The more arrows you see the more cream/grease you need to put on

And now …. Enjoy your cracking!


Giovanni Celeste

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