How to make a nylon cracker for your whip

The nylon cracker is the part of the whip mostly subject to wear, for this reason it needs to be changed from time to time.

All you need are the following three things:
A Bic pen, a pair of scissors and a twisted nylon wire

Here’s how to accomplish it by following these few easy steps.

  • First of all find out how the nylon thread twist, then attach two hooks at about 67cm apart and wrap the nylon wire 8 times
  • Insert the end of the cracker into the Bic cap
  • Hold tight one end of the thread with your fingers then twist the thread until it becomes quite tight. You’ll know it’s tight enough when it starts to kink.
  • Tighten and twist the cracker – in this case from right to left – continuing to keep the thread twist as the original.
  • When the lace is twisted, fold the piece of string in half and it will twist up on itself and form a tight loop at one end.
  • Holding the joining joints of the two strands with your hands, turn the rope that is created and put it in the hook at the bend point
  • Now tie an overhand knot (longer or a shorter depending on the length you want the popper to be). Cut after this knot about an inch and a half or so out, to make the fringe

Congratulations !!! You’ve made your first nylon cracker.

Happy  crack and be careful

Giovanni Celeste