Welcome everyone to my new YouTube channel “Notes of an Italian Whipmaker”  the first Italian channel dedicated to the world of whips and whipmaking.

I’ve always wanted to create a YouTube channel about whips and whipmaking, but a little different from to other whip channels already existing.

The idea came thanks to you and your requests. I will publish not only the classic whipmaking tutorials but also other information such as:

Different kind of whips, their comparisons, how to recognize a good whip, we will talk about maintenance, basic and advanced notions about the whips and whipmaking and much more.

In other words, I’ll speak at 360 degrees about whips and whipmaking, I’ll share curiosities and anecdotes coming from a lot of years of study of research made with passion.

For this reason I thought of naming this YouTube channel: “Notes of an Italian Whipmaker”.

It will be a virtual workshop. I will publish videos on an almost monthly basis.

Contact me to ask me questions, doubts, curiosities or topics to discuss.

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Greetings, Giovanni Celeste

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