Robert Dante is coming to Rome

I’m pleased and delighted to inform you that the great performer and world champion of whipcracking Robert Dante is coming to Rome to taking part to an important and prestigious BDSM event from March the 2nd to the 5th. During his stay he will organize workshop and private classes.

For those of you who don’t know Robert Dante is an internationally recognized bullwhip expert who has presented performances, workshops and demonstrations across the United States and Canada, and in England.

He’s  4-time Guinness World Record holder for most bullwhip cracks in one minute (highest count: 254), Dante also is recipient of the Brian Chic Whip Artistry Award, given by the Society of American Whip Artistry.

Dante has cracked his whips on numerous TV shows, he has also  spoken about whip cracking on many radio programs, from Texas to Australia.

So far, he have been able share his  knowledge of and passion for bullwhips in the US and Canada, presenting workshops and classes and demos coast to coast — and now he have been invited to present at the prestigious Rome BDSM Conference March 2-5, 2017.

For those who are more interested in Dante as author and 4-time Guinness World Record holder, please see these details at I’m proud to let you know that Robert Dante has asked me to make a special whip for him to be used during this forthcoming Roman event: it will be a Target whip with customized features

I’ve studied, designed and made a bespoken model based around his needs. The result of this collaboration has been a 5ft Target Whip, plaited in 16 strands of kangaroo leather  whiskey color.

Here below the specs:

  • Six internal layer with two kangaroo bellies
  • Overlay plaited in 16 kangaroo strands whiskey color.
  • Handle length: 30 cm plaited in diamond pattern with fantasy braid on the half part of the handle.

The transition zone of the whip has been binded  in any layers of the internal construction.

This specific binding will provide the whip a more accurate and better response.

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