Hi All,

I’m very glad to show you this Matched pair whip of 4ft, shoatloaded, plaited belly and 12 plait overlay in kangaroo hide.

The Whips have been recently made for a Italian customer.

These whips have been enhanced by a series of collars and brass medals engraved.

It was been for me a great and – for some “aspects” – a very challenging experience to work on this project.

It was a real challenge because I deeply believe about the almost impossibility to replicate exactly the same whip for some reason because the whips are handmade and like any other craft no two masterpieces are the same.

I usually refuse these straight kind of order because I prefer working according my artistic inspiration accepting the real difference between the whips as i wrote.

But this time I’ve picked the challenge to test me.

It was like walking in a street full of explosive..

So each steps that Ive done was done keeping in mind the final result in terms of diameter of the handle, diameter and distance of the knots, number of herringbone on the handle and so on..

In order to make the two whips much more similar not only aesthetically, but especially in the aspect of functionality, the elasticity and weight, each phase of the construction was repeated immediately on the other whip, even the same numbers of shot in the leather core.

So I’m happy and a little bit proud of the whole result.

Thanks again

Giovanni Celeste



Bullwhip: Overlay  12 Plait kangaroo hide dyed by hand

Internal construction:

Shoat loaded core

Leather Core

Four Plaited kangaroo belly

Cowhide Bolster

Overlay in 12 plait kangaroo leather

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