Raiders whip 2.0

Apparently, at a first glance, this whip may seem like one of the many Raiders whip made by every skilled whipmaker.
Same diamond pattern on the handle, same harringbone pattern on the thong, same heel knot and ring knot and  same wrist loop.

But it doesn’t !

With a closer inspection you will surely perceive something different;

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce the RAIDERS WHIP 2.0 where the width of every strands of the overlay has been reduced by half and doubled at the same time.

This new model of whip shows 24 plait overlay and 12 plait wrist loop plaited in kangaroo leather instead of the classic 12 and 6 plait.

The “Raiders 2.0 whip” consists  of six layers: an iron bar 20cm long on which is fixed a shaped leather core  “rolled filler core”, two belly plaited with four strips of kangaroo leather, each of which is coated by a cowhide leather bolster, and finally the ‘overlay plaited in twenty-four strips fully tapered ending in six strips.

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