Tamer Whip for Whip Basics

I’am pleased to introduce you the video review by Robert Amper on “The Tamer” whip I made between January the 8th to the 10th 2013.

Robert Amper is the creator and instructor of the 4 volumes of DVDs “Whip BasicsA Beginners Guide” a comprehensive collection dedicated to the teaching of whipcracking, from the basic figures to the most advanced and complex.

He is also the founder and owner of Whip Basics, ie the authoritative and famous forum dedicated to the world of whips that contains many valuable sections on the various models of whips and also interesting tutorial videos for construction and maintenance and use of the whip.

I gave this whip to Robert with great pleasure. The earnings from its sell will help him to support the no profit association in defence of animals.

This beautiful collaboration generated 3 great things:

A detailed photo gallery, a video review now available on YouTube …. and a beautiful Friendship!

A really thanks goes to Mario Desgronte for the beautiful photos that he did on the tamer whip. The pics are really beautiful and elegant capturing the essence of the whip.

Robert Amper’s reviews are not simply skilled and qualified, they contain a special and unique added value: they are realized both with brain and heart!

In line with the best sommeliers approach Robert’s emotional, scientific and sensorial spheres merge together to produce a professional and perfect review.

For this reason Robert’s unique attitude drive me to call him ‘the whip sommelier’ … alias the Whipmelier!

I invite you to watch the video and leave your impressions.

Giovanni Celeste