The Bosal Whip

I’m very glad to show you some pics of this whip called “The Bosal

The pics you see below were taken by Mario Desgronte which goes all my respect and gratitude.
This is my personal gift to Robert Amper for his special and important effort in the creation of The Ring Of Trust and also for his contribution to the world of whips and whipmaking.
The Whip is a very long target model, I have chosen this name because the pattern of the overlay reminds me the design of the bosal.

Here the specs of the whip:

Length 10ft 16 plt overlay

Handle: fiber glass 60cm
Core: Shotloed
Double bolster
8 plait belly (3/4 of the total lenght of the thong)

The overlay was braided in 16 plait plaited to the end in eigth seam braid ( just like the bosal).
In the half part of the handle you can see three different pattern:
Eight seam braid
Harringbone pattern
Diamond pattern
Heel knot: double gaucho knot of two passes
Ring knots: spanish ring knot.
Engraved brass

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