Indiana Jones Whip

This is the one! It is the most well-known and famous whip. The original model used by Harrison ford had been designed by David Morgan at the end of 70’s.

We can see some typical difference of the whips used in the trilogy:

  • Raiders of the lost ark
    Temple of the doom
    Last crusade

… So we have three typical styles of whips!

Temple of Doom
Last Cursade

A short but incisive video of my 9,5 ft Indiana Jones style whip made for the American Maestro D’Armi, Actor:Anthony De Longis.

Here we see it in action in his very skilled hands

In agreement with Anthony De Longis, we have made a few small changes related to his needs for the “De Longis Rolling Loop system”.

Fall length: 3ft long with rounded section, the long fall makes body envelopments easier and more consistent. Junction Handle / body: strong reinforcement of about 5” (in each inner layer of the whip) for a better leverage and control. Color: Vintage dark brown. The idea behind it is to give a vintage look to the whip.