Before going into the technical aspects of this whip, I think it is right to explain the origin and characteristics of this whip  in just a few lines.

The signal whip is a very short whip with a length between 90 and 120 cm.

The signal whip is not properly a whip directly designed to produce naturally and fluidly the crack.

The reason is the absence of the leather fall that transfer to the nylon cracker the energy impressed by the thong of the whip.

Cracking  a signal whip would be as comfortable as playing soccer with formal shoes J
This apparent “limit” is its very peculiarity given by the very origin of the whip.

The signal whip was developed for sled dog racing.
Since the Musher (the sled dog driver) has to handle the sled with two hands, it is customary to hang it on the wrist while driving.
If the whip in question was a longer model with the fall – like the bull whip or the snake whip – it would inevitably rub on ice, freezing quickly, risking breaking at the first crack.

It’s ‘basically a miniature Snake that he respects the process of construction, but without the fall.
A special feature of this model is the presence of the cracker that is woven directly on the end of the body of the whip. The particular small size allows easy use in confined spaces and easy riponibilità even in your pocket!
The purpose of this particular procedure is to increase the weight of the whip and achieve greater ease of snap.

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