The Magister

From the television series Spartacus, I am pleased to present The Magister, a faithful replica of the whip appeal by the “Master Oenomaus” or Peter Mensah.

As whip destined training of the gladiators Magister could not be conceived as a whip spartan but at the same time strong and effective.

It consists of two parts:

the wooden handle about 50 cm long with the handle braided into 4 strips on top of which is fixed the Keeper a ring of skin with a particular mode of ligation, is to be connected to the body of the whip.

The body is constructed from 5 layers instead a double keeper for better strength and durability, which shall form the “rolled filler core”, 1 belly woven with 4 strips of leather, coated by a bolster, and finally the overlay braided 4 strips fully tapered.