Last Crusade

This is the last whip designed and made by David Morgan for Indiana Jones.

Its features are very similar to the other models with the exception of the handle and thong dimensions. They are thicker and bigger than the previous replicas, as a result the whip handle is almost mounted between the thong and the heel knot.

Besides, the ring knot is placed closer to the heel know as a consequence the whip looks less slim than the other models.

Please be aware that the original color of Indiana Jones’ whips is the kangaroo natural tan. During Indiana Jones Trilogy you will notice the presence of whips in different brown tones, this is due to the natural ageing of the whips.


Handle, Rolled filler, leather core, Kangaroo plaited belly, Leather bolster, Kangaroo plaited belly, Leather bolster, 12 plait overlay braided in kangaroo leather.