Surely you have happened to have to choose between a Snake whip versus a Bull whip evaluating and comparing their peculiarities and their respective pros and cons.

Why should you have to choose when you can have both whips in a single design that combines and summarises the best specifications of both whips.

What happens when a Snake whip meets a Bull whip? The Snakebull.

The Snakebull whip is a whip developed by me that can be summarised in this concept.

The Snakebull looks apparently like a classic snake whip with its typical tapered body from the grip area but in reality a rigid handle is hidden within its construction.

The presence of this small  and stiff handle is precisely the key to its peculiarity that gives the whip greater leverage, better control and consequently greater precision typical of the Bullwhip.

This is the Snakebull and this is not just a matter of lexical, what changes in addition to the internal structure is the attitude of the product that offers and maintains for those who love the Snake whip its classic advantages of aesthetics and practical portability but at the same time provides better reliability, precision and response typical of the Bullwhip.

I think this solution puts an end to the age-old Snake vs. Bull dispute.

Snakebull: Snake look Bull feeling

Below is a gallery of some of the models already made and a video review of the Snakebull by Robert Amper.

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