The Tamer

Tamer whip made by Giovanni Celeste to Robert Amper from January the 8th to January the 10th

Features of the whip

Handle: twisted handle 90cm long.

The handle is flexible, strong and elastic and extremely durable.

The wood is split in four parts and twisted together over a tapered wood core.

The wood is clear, but has been dyed to achieve an aged look.

The grip part was leaded to match the right balance and plaited in kangaroo hide saddle tan 12 plait in herringbone pattern

The heel knot is a pineapple knot

The ring knot is a standard 6×7 knot one pass.

Double keeper at the end of the handle binded with wax thread

Thong: about 140cm plaited in kangaroo hide saddle tan 8 plait

The overlay is 8plt in kangaroo hide with double keeper

The internal belly construction was made in kip hide:

  • Core
  • 4 plaited belly (3/4 length of the final thong)
  • Bolster
  • Ring knot. standard 6×7 one pass
  • The strands are skived in this way / / (grain side of the leather and flash side)
  • Braided sinew fall and twisted cracker.( all in one)

This kind of construction that I have developed makes the thong of the whip a single body.
I thought to develop a whip that had a constant body and shape that tapers to the cracker.

In other words, a whip that had a continuous thong.

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